Recognizing the Best

Since 1967, this nationally recognized instrument has assisted thousands of companies in selecting their WINNERS. The premier instrument on the market today, it correlates six cognitive learning skills with ten personality dimensions to create a comprehensive, multi-faceted profile your candidate.

The ACHIEVER will enable your company to make sound human resource decisions, while safeguarding objectivity in selection, training and promotion. The ACHIEVER is easy to administer, produces immediate results, and is extremely cost-effective. You no longer have to wait days or weeks for candidate information. 

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Interviewing with Skill

This unique program was designed to aid managers in developing a structured, and at the same time, individual-specific Pre-Employment Interview.  Every day we read of lawsuits filed because a manager was not schooled in the appropriate questions to ask.  On the other hand, managers are crying foul because they feel there is no longer an avenue they can safely address.  The GUARDIAN can address both needs successfully and safely.  No longer will the employer fear a branch manager conducting a discriminatory interview or a warehouse supervisor overstepping his/her legal limit.

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Improving Performance “By the Hour”

Improve your company's performance by placing the right people in the right hourly jobs. All of your company positions will benefit from job-fit assessments; they are not just for the salaried/commissioned employees. Studies have shown that selecting the right candidates and placing them into the appropriate hourly jobs will lead to greater work-force stability, higher productivity and decreased operating costs.

With no timed sections, The Scoreboard can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The cost-saving potential of not hiring the wrong candidate far exceeds the nominal cost of this predictive selection instrument. 

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