Recognizing the Best
Since 1967, this nationally recognized instrument has assisted thousands of companies in selecting their WINNERS. The premier instrument on the market today, it correlates six cognitive learning skills with ten personality dimensions to create a comprehensive, multi-faceted profile your candidate.

The ACHIEVER will enable your company to make sound human resource decisions, while safeguarding objectivity in selection, training and promotion. The ACHIEVER is easy to administer, produces immediate results, and is extremely cost-effective. You no longer have to wait days or weeks for candidate information.


Job Fit Ensured!
The ACHIEVER allows you to customize - hiring standards to reflect the success stories of your company.  Any applicant can be compared to your top performers! Or, you may refer to our extensive industrial database of standard positions, available in The ACHIEVER.






that make The ACHIEVER a leader in selection instruments

  • Detailed narrative of the candidate's strengths and weaknesses for a specific job.
  • Ability to customize job requirements or use our validated industrial database.
  • Summary chart, diagramming your candidate's
    compatibility to a specific job.
  • Training and management suggestions to help "fine tune" your candidate.
  • Personal development suggestions to aid the individual in making improvements.
  • Potential rating of the individual to fit your job requirements, as well as a variety of other jobs.
  • Validity scales to indicate the applicant's candor and resulting accuracy of The ACHIEVER.

Ideal Uses for The ACHIEVER

  • Selection:  Select only the best for your company.
  • Training:  Focus on identified weaknesses.
  • Interviewing:  Enhance your interview by knowing the candidate's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reviewing:  Address specific areas in need of improvement.





The ACHIEVER Measures Six Mental Aptitudes & Ten Personality Dimensions:

Six Mental Aptitudes

Aptitude Measurement Spectrum
Mental Acuity Slow to Learn Conceptual Learner
Business Terms Low Knowledge Knows Business Terms
Memory Recall Ignores Current Events Aware/Knowledgeable
Vocabulary Low Word Knowledge Strong Communication
Perception Low Scanning Accuracy High/Quick Accuracy
Mechanical Interest Low Interest  High Interest

Ten Personality Dimensions

Dimension Measurement Spectrum
Energy Restless/Tense  Calm/Relaxed
Flexibility Situational Morality Traditional Morality
Organization Disorganized/Spontaneous Planful/Structured
Communication Detached/Reserved Gregarious
Emotion Development Impatient/Demanding Tolerant/Complacent
Assertiveness Cooperative/Submissive Assertive/Dominant
Competitiveness Friendship Oriented Individually Competitive
Mental Toughness Tender Minded/Sensitive Tough Minded/Resilient
Questioning/Probing Nave/Gullible Cynical/Shrewd
Motivation Security Motivated Recognition Motivated


Validity Scales

Distortion Frank/Reliable Answers Exaggerates/ Questionable
Equivocation Accepted Alternatives Indecisive Responses

Validated in accordance with federal standards, The ACHIEVER is non-discriminatory and complies with EEOC / Federal guidelines. 



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