Improving Performance “By the Hour”
Improve your company's performance by placing the right people in the right hourly jobs. All of your company positions will benefit from job-fit assessments; they are not just for the salaried/commissioned employees. Studies have shown that selecting the right candidates and placing them into the appropriate hourly jobs will lead to greater work-force stability, higher productivity and decreased operating costs.

With no timed sections, The Scoreboard can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The cost-saving potential of not hiring the wrong candidate far exceeds the nominal cost of this predictive selection instrument. 

Test Features
The Scoreboard is comprised of two sections, addressing key components of the pre-employment process: Admissions Section and Personality Structure.

Admissions Section
In light of today's negligent hiring suits, The Scoreboard is a protective tool for the employer. The Admissions Section ensures that all legally allowed questions are asked, concerning current drug or alcohol use, and prior acts of theft.

Designed with 35 non-inferential, direct admissions questions that do not discriminate, this section safeguards and defends the employer against third party injury suits. It further enhances the employer's position because the candidate must sign the included statement, understanding that any attempt to mislead or falsify answers would constitute grounds for disqualification or, if hired, dismissal.

If any answer indicates undesirable behavior, a personal interview is strongly suggested, repeating to the applicant any question necessary.

Personality Structure
Personality does influence and dictate the success of hourly employees.

The Scoreboard was designed to compare the hourly candidate's job behavior potential to that of successful people in a given job. This instrument also allows for customizing job requirements, if the available industrial database is not suitable for your needs.

A brief narrative offers a description of the ten personality dimensions (see Achiever dimensions), as well as suggesting Interview Concerns.



Ideal Uses for The SCOREBOARD
  • Strengthening employee performance reviews
  • Improving career-pathing toward management
  • Developing training emphasis for new employees 

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