Interviewing has its limitations.  Unfortunately, those most impressive at interviewing are often those most adept at deceiving.  It is reported too often that the person interviewed does not turn out to be the same person after two or three months.  The employment honeymoon is over.  The professional’s goal is to find the person who will be best suited emotionally, temperamentally and skill-wise for the jobs the company offers.  That takes input from a variety of sources.  Access Cleveland can provide you with that input.

Starting in 1988 with only a handful of companies, Access Cleveland now services over 300 organizations in and outside of Ohio, ranging from firms of 6 employees to companies with hundreds of employees.  Through the development of services, and constant monitoring of employees’ needs, the company currently offers all phases of Human Resource services, ranging from employment assessments, drug screens, background verification and specific skills testing.

Our goal is to help companies reduce their hiring risk, improve employee performance and most importantly, directly affect its bottom line by reducing expenses caused by performance-related turnover.





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